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MLA Format - Here you will find an example and directions on how to set up your document in the proper MLA format.  If you are still confused on how to do something, please feel free to come in and ask for help, but try on your own first.

Hooks -- Intros - Here you will find a document with different types of hooks for your introductory paragraph.

Topic Sentence Examples paired with a thesis statement.

Integrating Quotes - Here you will find five different ways to integrate quotes into your writing.

Commentary Sentence Starters - Here you will find a document with different sentence frames to begin commentary/reasoning on a concrete detail/evidence.

Peer Edit - Here you will find my peer edit checklist.  You can "make a copy" and submit this assignment digitally (Google Classroom).

No-No List - Here you will find a list of things that should never appear in an academic paper.

KIM Vocab Graphic Organizer - Here you will find the exact vocab worksheet that we use in class.

Prewriting Packet - Here is the packet that we use in class to write essays.

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