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You will be researching and writing a document on a current world leader. Do not select Barack Obama or an historical leader like Hitler. If you don't have a leader in mind, then select a country that interests you and learn about who the leader is. As you research, categorize your findings into these basic categories to start with:

-Mini Biography: Who is this person? What is their educational and professional experience? How did they acquire their position?
-Structure of Government and Governing Style: We have 3 branches of government that separate power in our government. What about the government you are researching?
-Country Profile: General information like where it is, what is the population, and some culture description.
-Current Events: What are some main news events happening now in this country?
-Import and Export Products:What products do they import? What products do they export?

Search the internet to gather information for this assignment. Create a GoogleDoc or Microsoft Word document profiling the leader. Use your own words as you complete this activity. Save your document and do not print your document when you are done. We will print it another time (we are waiting on a new printer cartridge).

Microsoft Word Guidelines

Create a one page document about your leader and country. Size 12 and single spaced. There will be two small pictures and five categories (listed above) within the page. Do not put a standard Name/Date/Period heading at the top. Put your name at the very bottom because we will be pasting this into your notebook and it will be cut off at that time.

To use a picture on your page, do the following:
1. find your picture
2. select "view image"
3. right click "copy" then right click "paste" into your document
4. right click and then select "wrap text" and "square"
5. size it and position it

Some intriguing people to consider are:
Vladimir Putin
Kim Jong Un
Queen Elizabeth II
Raul Castro
King Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud
Francois Hollande
Pope Francis
David Cameron
Enrique Peña Nieto
Ali Hoseini-Khomeni
Benjamin Netanyahu
Xi JinPing
Angela Merkel
Bashar al-Assad
Justin Trudeau

A good source for finding information on imports and exports is the following link.

Country Research Site

When you are finished with this activity, go to the "Quiz Practice" link and do the practice quizzes for the Middle East and Asia.

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