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Sonoma Valley High School Physical Education Units

Units will Include But are not limited to:
  • Badminton (Skills & Drills, Game Play)
  • Soccer (Skills & Drills, Modified Games)
  • Introduction to Strength Training
  • Introduction to CrossFit
  • Introduction to Golf (Swing Mechanics) 
  • Bocce Ball
  • Basketball (Skills & Drills, Modified Games)
  • Volleyball (Skills & Drills, Game Play)
  • Ultimate Frisbee / Disk Golf
  • Flag Football (Skills & Drills, Modified Games)
  • Softball / Over the Line (Skills & Drills, Modified Games) 

   Typical Daily Physical Education Class
  • Dressing out for Class: Is a large part of your daily points. To be Successful in Physical Education Class requires our students to be dressed out for class daily.
  • Report to Role Call: Area (location Changes Per Unit)
  • Warm Up Activity: (Graded Daily)
  • Daily Stretches and Calisthenics: (Graded Daily)
  • Daily Cardiovascular Training: (Running/Jogging/Modified CrossFit 
  • Activity of the day. (Graded Daily) 
  • Cool Down and Closure (Graded Daily)
Written Assignments:
Preformance Task: Reading and Writing about Articles related to Physical Education and Exercise.
Activity Journal: Covering daily Activities, Exercises, Skills Sets per activity. 

Physical Education is a LAB Based Class: Hands On learning and Participation are required for this class. With this said, attendance is key to the students grade. 

Injuries and Illness: If your son or daughter happens to be injured or ill, I can modify there activity and participation for the day and allow them to earn there daily points. 
Excused Notes: If your son or daughter will not be able to fully participate due to illness or injury PLEASE write them a note excusing them for the day so I can modify there participation. After two classes of excused notes i will need a note from a doctor explaining what they can do to better help me modify their class participation.       


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