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Today you will be planning a trip across the United States. You will research details about your destinations as you write a travel itinerary for your trip. Please follow the instructions below to complete this activity.

Here are the guidelines for content of your itinerary:

1. Create a theme for your trip (ballparks, amusement parks, National Parks, historic sites, great landmarks, strangest places, etc...)

2. Stop in at least 7 states (if you see two sites in one state, you still need a total of 7 states. California does not count as one of the states)

3. You can go from coast to coast or from northern border to southern border

4. Describe the landscape of the state you stop in (is it mountainous, desert like, flat, etc...)

5. Give a few details about the sites you visit

6. Include today's weather in each location you plan to visit

7. Explain what the top industry is for each state you stop in (California's main industry is technology)

8. Include one "fun fact" about the states you visit


Here are the guidelines for the document you will create:

1. Have a title centered on the top of your page. Your title will be based on the theme you choose.

2. Size 12

3. Standard font (Courier, Times New Roman or Cambria)

4. Single spaced

5. After a brief introduction describing the theme of your trip and why you chose it, structure your paper with subtitles in bold showing what sites you will visit. For example:

      The Grand Canyon

      Our first stop will be the Grand Canyon National Park in northern Arizona. Write, write, write...

      Mesa Verde

      Our second stop will be Mesa Verde National Park in southern Colorado. Write, write, write...

6. Put your name and class period on the bottom

7. Read the checklist at the bottom of this page

8. Print two copies if you are working with a partner

Here are the guidelines for the travel map you will create:

1. Show where the sites are and label them

2. Show the route you will take

3. Indicate the distance and driving travel time from site to site (you can do this by going to Google and typing in "Grand Canyon to Mesa Verde distance" and it will show you the miles and driving travel time

4. Each partner will create their own map

Use the following sites to research your state. If you are looking for something specific, you can type in the name of your state and the detail you are looking for into google (example: Alaska Industries").

Itinerary Document Checklist

-Does it have a title centered at the top of the page?

-Is your full name and period at the bottom of the page?

-Size 12, standard font and single spaced?

-Do you have 7 sites?

-In your description of each site, did you describe the landscape of the state, give some details about the site you plan on visiting, include today's weather, explain the top industry in the state that your site is in, and include one "fun fact"?

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