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Posted - 05/14/2014 11:26am
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Posted - 03/07/2014 10:34am
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Why Team Fuji?
fujiDragon_1.jpgTeam Mount Fuji was named in honor of the tallest mountain in Japan. Just like the name Fuji means wealth and abundance, we as a team hope to instill a wealth of knowledge and an abundance of opportunities for our students.  The most climbed mountain in the world, Mt. Fuji inspires people to climb to incredible heights and overcome challenges. The abundant and high quality groundwater at Mt. Fuji allows for ample agricultural production. Our team hopes to grow together while celebrating our diverse students.  Mt. Fuji encourages students to cultivate ambition, curiosity, and independent thinking by nurturing individual strengths. Although Mt. Fuji has not erupted since 1707 it is still considered to be an active volcano. We encourage students to develop their active young minds and become disciplined and honorable individuals just like the citizens of the Japanese culture. Fuji helps students harvest their own creative and intellectual potential, preparing them for life, college and career success.
“Konohana-Sakuahime, causing the blossom to bloom”

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