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(formerly Ciammachilli)IMG_0238.JPGOur Department at Sonoma Valley High School strives for a k-12 comprehensive program guided by California State Frameworks and Physical Education Model Content Standards for California Public Schools.  From kindergarten through fifth grade, the content is delivered incrementally to best enable student learning at the appropriate developmental level. In sixth through eighth grade, the content is consolidated and students’ skills are refined, representing a natural progression of skill sophistication.  When students reach ninth grade, they are ready to integrate all that they know with all that they can do.  They become capable of higher-order thinking and of more skilled performance.                                                                   

An Essential Discipline
Physical education is an integral part of the education program for all students.  It teaches students how their bodies move and how to perform a variety of physical activities.  Students learn the health-related benefits of regular physical activity and the skills to adopt a physically active, healthy lifestyle. The discipline also provides learning experiences that meet the developmental needs of students.  With high-quality physical education instruction, students become confident, independent, self-controlled, and resilient; develop positive social skills; set and strive for personal, achievable goals; learn to assume leadership; cooperate with others; accept responsibility for their own behavior; and, ultimately, improve their academic performance.  A sequen
tial, developmentally appropriate curriculum should be designed and implemented to help students acquire the knowledge, skills, attitudes,and confidence needed to adopt and maintain a physically active, healthy  lifestyle.   
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Modified - 08/11/2015 10:57am Syllabus ~ Physical Education I
Summary: Greetings students & parents. Welcome to Sonoma Valley High’s Physical Education Program. My name is Julie Niehaus, and I am your student’s Physical Education teacher. I would like to take this opportunity to go over our Physical Education expectations here at SVHS. Students have a responsibility to acquire fitness, movement skills and knowledge. Physical Education reinforces exercise and conditioning routines, fitness and skill improvement, and cardiovascular assessments. These skills and experiences will provide a basis for our students to develop positive attitudes towards fitness and formulate personal goals and values toward their health and well-being. Students change into their uniform in the locker room. They will secure valuables, and report to assigned role call no later than five minutes after the tardy bell. Students will perform exercises and stretches with effort to improve fitness strength and flexibility every class period. Students will be respectful of Physical Education equipment and facilities, cooperate with classmates, and behave appropriately to teachers and teacher’s assistants. Once given instructions, students hustle to be on task and stay on task until further instructions have been given. Students will be given opportunities to volunteer (game set up, equipment management, record keeping, errands during class, officiating, facilitating group work and teamwork, negotiating conflict with a game, …) for the betterment of the class. Student success is based on their ability to follow these expectations, which provide resources and experiences to create healthy habits with lifelong benefits. Physical Education Grading is organized into five separate categories: 1. Participation/Social Responsibility ~ Activity 40% Participation, sportsmanship, cooperation, integrity, problem solving, care of used equipment and facility, clear communication to peers & adults. 2. Cardiovascular Fitness ~ Daily Runs 20% Specific to running and jogging assignments. 3. Warm-up ~ Exercises & Stretches 20% Daily effort and improvement of flexibility. 4. Applied Knowledge ~ through written or oral presentations. 10% 5. Applied Skill ~ through practical applications. 10% Each semester, we will have two progress reports and one final grade. In addition to three units each semester, we test the students on the year’s activities via Authentic Assessment. This requires students to use the skills learned over the course of the year to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding in a practical setting. Each day is a separate test, and their value is up to four times a regular day amount. Lockers are assigned the first few days of school. In the girl’s locker room, lockers are secured when students submit Lock & Locker Registration Form. The small issued locker is to store PE Clothes. A much larger locker is used by the student to secure backpacks, handbags, books, - items students bring for school – to be used only for the period of PE your student has. It is the responsibility of the student to lock their valuables and to make sure their locker is locked on their assigned locker. If a student misplaces or loses the loaned lock, a $5.00 replacement fee will be charged. Sharing lockers is prohibited. A note from home allows the student to modify their personal performance within the activity. If a student must be restricted from Physical Activity two or more days, a medical excuse from the Dr. is required. We ask for Dr. prescribed modifications instead of the restriction of no PE at all, so that the student is allowed to stay in PE to earn credits for graduation. Students are required to dress for Physical Education and are required to make up any missed assignment.. Students can earn points in Seminar. The Physical Education Uniform, athletic shoes with laces and socks. Students who dress participate with greater effort, ease of movement and are successful with the above listed procedures, routines, guidelines and expectations. A student, who only dresses partially in the required uniform, will receive partial credit for that day. A student, who does not dress three days, can be given a referral, demerit and after school duties/detention. The Uniform can be purchased throughout the school year by making arrangements with one of the Physical Education teachers outside of class. The minimum a student must have is shorts and t-shirt, for $10, each or $20 for both. Students may buy sweat pants for $15 and sweatshirt for $15. The four item package is $50. Clothes are for sale throughout the school year. If you have questions for me regarding PE course expectations, your student’s performance or grades, please contact me. Email is the fastest, and easiest for me to reply. Sincerely ~ Julie Niehaus Physical Education Teacher Mauna Kea Freshman Team

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