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You will use your knowledge of a your state to create a 30 second informational iMovie about it. As you use the internet, only use web sites that relate to this activity. You do not have permission to look at any other sites.

Follow these steps:

1. Select 7+ most interesting/important facts about your city.

2. Select 7+ photos and drag them to the desktop. Remember to open up the larger photo window before you drag it to the desktop.

3. Open up iMovie and create a "new project" from the top drop down menu.

4. Drag the photos into iMovie and arrange the order
5. Select text style and drop the text feature on top of your photos, use your knowledge of the state to inform the viewer about what the photo represents (the first slide will be of a flag and the name of the state)
6. Fill out the text lines with brief facts about your state
7. If you know how and have time you can add music or a video clip
8. When you think you are done, show it to someone other than your partner for feedback
9. Name your video file and show me when you are finished

When you are finished...
When you finish your iMovie, browse the links on my site. There are articles, news sites and practice quizzes. You do not have permission to go to any non-geography related sites.

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