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Use the "5 Themes" guidelines below to gather information about your state. There are links at the bottom of the page, under the title "Research," to find out the details. Fill out the page in your notebook as you find information. You will use this information next class to create something about your state.

Five Themes of Geography Detail

As you research your state, go down the list of topics below to guide your research. You don’t have to cover every single topic. You just want to give a complete picture of your state.


1. Location:

-This should be straightforward. Where is it and what is it next to?

2. Place:

            -Mountains, lakes, rivers, deserts, etc... What is the land like?

            -Climate. Hot? Freezing? Rainy?


            -Official language

            -Major religions

            -Type of government

            -Give a general description of the capital city.

            -Any unique holidays celebrated?

            -Historical highlights (include when it was founded)

            -Current events. Is your state in the news for any reason?

            -Staple diet. They have your typical American diet, but do they have any unique dishes or foods that

             they are known for?

           -What is the State's nickname? California's is "The Golden State"

3. Region

            -“The South,” “New England” and “The Middle East” are regions. When you

think of “The Middle East” there are details that come to mind that reflect the

land and culture of the region. What are the similarities between your

states and the states around it?

4. Movement

            -Immigration, emigration, migration. Are people moving to, moving out of, or

moving around your state? If so, why?

            -Imports. What products are being brought in from elsewhere?

            -Exports. What products do they produce and ship out of the state?

5. Human-Environment Interaction

            -Land use

            -Vacation/Tourist locations

            -Where do people live? Is the population concentrated in one part of the

state or are they distributed throughout?


            -Environmental issues

            -Urban/Rural ratio. What percent of the population lives in the city? What percentage in the outskirts?

            -Economy. How do people make money?

            -Major industries.  Tourism and the wine industry are key to the economy of

Sonoma. Does your state produce cars, electronic equipment, toys, etc…?

Use the following sites to research your state. If you are looking for something specific, you can type in the name of your state and the detail you are looking for into google (example: Alaska Industries").



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