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Today you will create a one page Google Doc advertisement about your state. Image you were hired by the Governor to bring more tourists to the state. Your advertisement should be informative and interesting. Use the notes you took last class as you complete this assignment. Follow the guidelines below:

-Center the name of your state at the top of your page
-Use size 12/Times New Roman, except for titles
-Have a small image of the state flag someplace on your page
-Have a small image of a recognizable feature from your state
-Your advertisement will be 1 full page
-Put your name/names and period at the BOTTOM of the page
-Ask someone outside of your group to proofread it when you are done
-Ask me to look at it when you are ready to print
-If you have a partner, print two copies

If you finish before the end of the period, spend some time reviewing for the States quiz next week.

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