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Summary: Here are two sites that offer grammatical explanations, practice and immediate feedback.
Here is a list of online grammar exercises from conjuguemos.com from the publishers of our textbook. Choose from adjective to the various tenses and moods of verbs:

This website at Colby.edu provides drills and contextual exercises (songs, articles and stories to help improve your Spanish. You can get immediate feedback , although the answer mechanism is a little problematic at time (e.g., it marks your correct answer wrong and gives you your same answer as the right one.)

StudySpanish.com Here is another site that offers help with Spanish called StudySpanish.com. Many of the interactive activities are free. Click on the grammar button for explanations of grammatical concepts in English and mini-quizzes. Other buttons offer to help with pronunciation and vocabulary, but I haven't check them out.

Vocapic: This site offers thematic vocabulary drill in categories such as colors,the kitchen, farm animals any many others. The pronunciation and lexicon is Spanish as spoken in Spain.

Lingohut: This is another site that presents thematic vocabulary-travel, people, computer- and games such as concentration to practice that vocabulary

Goethe-verlag.com This site provides over 200 quizzes. Users complete sentences by choosing words from a work bank. The quizzes are organized by level.  http://www.goethe-verlag.com/tests/index1.htm

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