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 Options for publishing your book
1. Make a hand sewn book with a stiff cover.
2. Collage over an already made board book.
3. Use Ms. Aclufi's comb binding machine. You will need your cover to be printed on card stock for this option. You may buy card stock and plastic covers from Ms. Aclufi for 50 cents.
You will need to make an appointment for printing your cover (if necessary) and binding your book. Please see me with your printed text READY TO BIND on or before Wednesday, MAY 20. (Read: I will not be able to help over 50 students bind books on Wednesday.)
4. Choose an online publisher: http://www.photobookgirl.com/wizard/
Allow 10 days from the time of submission in order to get your book back on time. You are required to provide proof of your submission date in case your order is late. Any other reasons your book is late (save emergencies cleared in advance by Sra. A) will result in receiving one grade lower per school calendar day.

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