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Hannah Aclufi
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Schedule of Classes 2016-2017
Period 1 Spanish 1
Period 2 Teacher Preparation
Period 3 Spanish 1
Period 4 Spanish 3
Period 5 Spanish 3
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Chapter 1.2
Read about preterite verbs (includes -ar, -er, and -ir)

Practice preterite: regular -ar verbs and irregular verbs

Chapter 1.1
Practice direct and indirect pronouns exercises 40-46 only)

Preliminary Chapter


Verb conjugation practice- Present tense: 
     The following link offers choices to practice -ar verbs apart from -er and -ir verbs, stem-changing                                verbs, as well as a verb chart. WARNING: These exercises might include verbs we haven't                                            covered in class, so don't feel intimidated if you don't know them all.

      "Conjugamos" doesn't put the verbs in sentences, but if you want a quick review of verb                                              conjugations this gives you a lot of practice and repetition in a short time. There is a                                                  menu that allows you to choose which verbs you want to practice. (SUGGESTION: Choose                                           the one you need to know for class.) 
                    Regular verbs
                   Stem-changing verbs                                                
                    Irregular verbs (just pick the ones from class)
                    Mixed verbs (choose only ones you know)

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