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Science and Technology/Physical Science

The Naked Scientists Radio Show (Podcast)

Cambridge University's Dr. Chris Smith produces a weekly live radio show covering science, medicine and technology topics as well as interviews with famous scientists. This excellent show "strips down science" to make difficult concepts understandable. To watch a demonstration on how to subscribe to this podcast, click the podcasting link to the left.

Alexandria Digital Library's: The Universe earth.gif

Amazing variety of links to information on the planet Earth and the oceans and continents. Includes links dealing with climates, meteorology, agriculture, the environment and more. Also includes several kinds of maps.

Astronomy: Lunar and Planetary Sciences nasa_logo_small.gif

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration created this site. Each fact sheet contains just about everything you'd want to know about a planet. For cool planet pictures, look for the "Data" section to locate images.

Hubble Heritage Project hubble.jpg

The image gallery for this site contains amazing never before seen pictures from the Hubble Spacecraft.

The Online Guide to Meteorology

An excellent collection of web-based instructional modules created by the University of Illinois and funded by the National Science Foundation. Topics include: light and optics; clouds and precipitation; forces and winds; air masses and fronts; weather forcasting; severe storms; hurricanes; El Nino and the hydrologic cycle.

The Nine Planets

Very cool multi-media tour of the solar system. This site contains "an overview of the history, mythology, and current scientific knowledge of each planet and major moons in our solar system."

Robert Ferguson Observatory

Our closest observatory located in the hills near Kenwood at Sugarloaf Park. Check out their upcoming events and classes.

NASA Home Page

This site contains up-to-date information on space and the space program.

Biology (See Evolution Below)

Biology Project

From the University of Arizona, this is an online interactive resource for the study of biology.

Biology Websites

An extensive list of biology websites brought to you by Dr. Buzz Hoagland of the Biology Department at Westfield State.

Guide to Writing a Position Paper for Science

Mr. Neville's Biology students will find a useful guide to writing the position paper for science.

Staples High School Biology Websites

Although annoying animated icons can be found on their pages, they chosen some good biology sites to link to.


Ecology WWW Page

This site contains a vast number of ecology resources compiled by Anthony R. Brach of Harvard University.


Becoming Human

Excellent documentary can be viewed from this website. Helpful glossary also included.

UC Berkeley's Museum of Paleontology

This site contains three exhibits: phylogeny, geology, and evolution. Click on "Evolution" to view an exhibit tracing evolutionary thought as it has developed over time. Includes information on specific scientists and provides a historical approach to the study of evolution.

Darwin Correspondence Project thumbnail.jpg

Amazing site containing over 6000 full text copies of Darwin's letters.

Podcast of Darwin's Letters

Take a unique look into Darwin's character as Shelley Innes, Historian, reads extracts of his personal letters.

The Human Origins Program

This Smithsonian Institution program works to enhance scientific knowledge and public awareness of human evolutionary history. Site features "Ask Our Researchers" in which students can contact a paleoanthropology specialist.

Molecular and Cellular Biology - Evolution Resources

Nice gateway site on evolution developed by Harvard University's Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology.


Blazing a Genetic Trail

Gain an overview of basic genetics on this site sponsored by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Families and scientists join in seeking the flawed genes that cause disease.

National Human Genome Research Institute

The Human Genome Project conducts research on genetic disorders and explores the ethics behind genetic research. Available online are a series of fact sheets to provide an overieve of the institute, explore the social implications of genetic research and explain complex genetic concepts and research techniques to a non-scientific audience.




An online, interactive Periodic Table of the Elements. Learn about the properties of each chemical element on this useful site.

Delights of Chemistry

Guide by the University of Leeds' Chemistry Department which includes instructions for over forty experiments, a large image library, and animations of common chemical reactions.

WebElements Periodic Table

A high quality source of informaiton relating to the peirodic table.


How Things Work

Companion website to the radio show. Hosted by the author of "How Things Work: The Physics of Everyday Life."

Physics Central

Website of the American Physical Society developed to physics teachers. Physics in Action and People in Physics help students to understand how physics applies to the real world.


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