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August 17, 2015





Dear Student & Parents,


Hello, my name is Ian Slaney and I am looking forward to the beginning of a new school year and am glad you will be part of our classroom community. I call it a classroom community because I believe that we can all learn from each other, learn together and work together with the common goal of success in the classroom. This will be my first year teaching for Sonoma Valley High, and I have been working in special education since 2004. It is my belief that EVERYBODY can learn and it is my personal goal to give each student every opportunity to do so.


I know that you share in my excitement for your child’s learning and look forward to working with you to accomplish our goals. In the classroom we will be using many techniques and tools to teach different lessons. Basing my curriculum on the Common Core State Standards and each student’s IEP, we will conduct lessons in different styles to make sure that each student is able to understand the material. I have high expectations for each student, both academically and socially. We will have a few class rules that must be followed, and these rules are put in place and enforced only for the sake of the learning process.


Any disruptions to a student's learning process will not be tolerated and consequences will fit the disruption. I believe the classroom should be a positive environment and will always do my best to keep it a positive place. Like I said, I believe the classroom is a community and I will be emphasizing the development of social skills and relationships to carry on throughout their education. I believe that you are all part of the community as well and I would invite any feedback or participation from family members. I will be available everyday before and after school to discuss your child. Please contact me at (school phone number and email address) if you have any questions or concerns.


I look forward to working with your child and yourself this year and hope to see you at Back to School Night on September 9th.





Ian Slaney

RSP Teacher Science Tech 1 & 2



Beginning of Class:


Students will come in quietly and place personal items next to them on the ground or in designated areas then all students will take out any materials they need for the class period and sit in their assigned seat BEFORE the bell rings. If a student is not in their seat or where they are supposed to be, they will be considered tardy. The students will then turn in any assignments into the designated boxes. Then each student will take their seat and get ready to learn.


During Instruction:


Students will remain in their seat and on task unless instructed by the teacher or other staff member. Students will remain on task by working on assignments given. Students will not speak out of turn. If the teacher, other staff, or another student is speaking, all other students will be quietly listening. When it is his or her turn to talk each student will use respectful, appropriate language.  If a student has a question or answer, has information or insight that will contribute to the classroom community, or needs help, they will raise their hand and wait to be acknowledged by the teacher or other staff members. Students will only bring conversation to the classroom that will benefit the classroom community, including language and topics.


Moving Around Campus:


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When it is time to leave the classroom, all students will wait for a bell or instruction from a teacher or staff member. Students will stay in the classroom at all times unless instructed by a teacher or other staff. Students will respect other student’s space, and keep your hands and feet to yourselves. Students must follow instructions given by the teacher or other staff members during drills or any other time students need to leave the classroom. Anytime students move around campus, whether it is going to the bathroom, library, parking lot, etc. they will always stay on campus. Students must be told by a teacher or other staff that they can leave, even if it is with a family member.

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