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Modified - 11/15/2016 02:36pm Principles Of Engineering (POE)
Summary: POE related materials including syllabus, course handouts, and power point presentations.

Power Point Presentations:

1.1.1.A.a SimpleMachinesLeverWheelAndAxlePulley-6.pptx  This is the first powerpoint illustrating how to find AMA, IMA and efficiency percentages for each type of machine.
1.1.1.A.a SimpleMachinesLeverWheelAndAxlePulley-6.pdf  PDF version of the above powerpoint presentation

1.1.1.A.b SimpleMachinesInclinedPlaneWedgeScrew-2.pdf PDF version of the second class powerpoint on simple machines.

1.1.1.Simple Machine Building Guide.pptx  This is the guide we will use to build our test machines where we will measure actual force through logger pro and a meter compared theoretical calculated force!  
1.1.3.A.VEX Gears (1).docx Here is the Gear Ratio example page!
1.1.3.A GearsPulleyDrivesSprockets-2.pdf PDF of the gear ratio power point!
1.3.1.Aa VEX SolarHydrogenAutomobile (5).pptx Solar Powered/Hydrogen Fuel Cell build instructions

Class Handouts/Materials

1.1.2.A SimpleMachinesPracticeProblems.docx  Practice Problems

The Bean Bag Challenge Video  Check out our engineering students in Action!!

We with the help of the SSU electrical engineering department will be starting an electrical circuitry unit.  Starting with snap kits pictured below, we will learn how circuits work and eventually graduate to a virtual bread board using project ignite on AutoDesk.  From there using variable DC power supplies we will be physically wiring basic circuits on our way to vex kit robots!
Just general Classroom photos:
Our air powered rocket launcher and Desktop peg board prototype,  Full 4 X 8ft size is in the works!
Vinyl Cutter Dragon Window Stickers!
Class hard at work making simple machines; Levers, Pulleys, and Gear Drives

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