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You will be researching a world leader from a political system other than presidential republic, which is the system in the United States. As you research, categorize your findings into these basic categories to start with:

-Mini Biography (Who is this person? What is their educational experience and how did they acquire their position?)
-Country Profile (General information like where it is, the population, and culture description)
-Structure of Government and Governing Style (We have 3 branches of government that separate power in our government. What about the government you are researching)
-Pros and Cons to this kind of leadership and government (We have many freedoms, but the drawback is that some people take their freedoms too far. Also, our President often is limited by what Congress will approve. What about your leader and government structure? Every political system has positive and negative aspects)

Use the links below to start with and then search the internet to gather information for this assignment. After you gather enough information, you will create a Powerpoint on the leader you chose. You have the option to present your Powerpoint for up to 15 extra credit points.

General Information

World Map of showing different types of government


British Empire


Multiparty Democracy

Presidential Democracy

Constitutional Monarchy


One-Party State

Historic and Modern Leaders


Absolute Monarchy




Military Government


Dependent Territory



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