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Today you will create a one page document about political systems. Use Google, Wikipedia and other sites to define the following political systems in your own words and give three modern examples for each. If there is no modern example of a political system, then choose an historic example. Tell what you think the pros and cons are for each government (We have many freedoms, but the drawback is that some people take their freedoms too far. Also, our President often is limited by what Congress and the Court System will approve. What about your leader and government structure? Every political system has positive and negative aspects). Attach a small photo of a current leader for each political system. Identify the leader and country.
You can work with one other person on this activity. Print a copy (two if you have a partner) and turn it in when you are finished.
Multiparty Democracy
One-Party State
Absolute Monarchy
Military Government
Dependent Territories

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