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Summary: The following sites have free downloads or access to items of interest

Google Earth and Sky:  This site will allow you to get detailed satellite images of the planet(including your house) and images of the sky and objects within once you download(free) the application
Stellarium: This site gives realistic view of the sky(and identifies any object of interest)from your position on the planet for the present time with and without the effects of the atmosphere-free download of the software
Heavens above: From this site you may determine what artificial satellites you will see at any time from anywhere on the planet(specify location under configuration): when and where you will begin seeing them, when and where they will reach highest altitude and when and where  they will disappear from the sky.
Plate Techtonics: Paleomap Project: With this site it is possible to see the best quess as to how the structure of the Earth's surface in the past  led to the present and beyond through user-controlled animation.

Orbitron: See the location of the "footprint" on the Earth's surface of a satellite(or several) of your choice where the satellite can be seen in real time or some time in the future. Can be used, as using "Heavens-above" to locate where in the sky the satellite can be seen or communicated with by radio. Free download of the software(PC only)

Robert Ferguson Observatory: Located in Sugarloaf Ridge State Park. This site has the details on solar and nighttime open house dates and times and links to other astronomy sites.

Seeing in the Dark PBS: Astronomy links and remote internet control of a telescope open to students. To get the access to the internet control scroll down and click on "Access it Now".

Ethnic Music: Women Vocals: Born to Drone(click on "sound clips"), Kitka(scroll to bottom and click on "Listen"; Yiddish(etc.) Folk Music: ShalomaniaDr. Joe's Ethnic music page; Balkan Folk Music: Dunav(comes up with Greek selections, but may chose other Balkan areas as well), , Geocities, Pontic Music(click on "Audio"), Balkan Cabaret etc

Rube Goldberg Device-example

Earthquakes- Shows local recent earthquake activity- reported within minutes

Solar storms-Listing of solar observations("spaceweather") using visible, radio, Xray telescopes-updated within hours-gives universal time for the events-just click on the day of interest(also archive listings)

Local weather("just off the Plaza") recorded and updated continually

Rocks and Minerals-photos and information on the minerals of your choice as well as other geological features

The Mechanical Universe-The 52 part series on the scope of physics- done at Cal Tech by Prof David Goodstein-to see and hear a particular 30 minute video, click on the "VoD" button for a particular part

More ethnic music: Kitka, Kitka 2, Kitka 4, Kitka 5, Kitka 6, Bulgarian Bagpipes Balkan Cabaret, Balkan Instrumental, Fishtank Ensemble, Fishtank 4

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