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Now that you have gathered information about a Latin American country, create an informative slideshow about it in Google Slides. Follow these guidelines:


-Have at lease 1 image on each slide, but no more than 2 images per slide. Your images should take up at least half of your slide.

-Have at least 2 bullet points per slide, but no more than 3. Do not write complete sentences or lengthy bullet points.

-When you finish, get another student to give you feedback and to check that it follows all of the guidelines.

-Share it with me after you put the class period and the name of your country as the presentation title (example: 1st Brazil).


Here is what goes on each slide:

1st Slide – This is your Title Slide. Have the name of your country, your name and the name of your partner, and the class period

2nd Slide – Location. Don’t title this slide “Location,” but put “South America,” “Central America,” or “The Caribbean” as your title.

3rd Slide - Leader of the Country. Put the name of the leader and some facts about him/her.

4th Slide – Population and Largest Cities.

5th Slide- Greatest Physical Feature

6th Slide – Top Export Product

7th Slide – Historical or Current Event highlight

8th Slide – Top site to visit

9th Slide – You pick, as long as it is informative

 10th Slide - You pick, as long as it is informative

You have the option to present it to the class yourself for extra credit. Please let me know it you would like to present.

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