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Today we will be doing a variety of things in the lab. Follow these steps:

1. Fill out the map with Countries and Capitals on one side, and the physical features on the other.

2. Start entry #18. The title is "Physical South America". Start by putting the names below onto the page (Allow 3 spaces between them).

Andes Mountains, Brazilian Highlands, Guiana Highlands, Cape Horn, Patagonia, Amazon River, Amazon Rainforest, and Lake Titicaca.

You will now describe each feature in complete sentences. Use Google to find out what it is, where it is, and two interesting details about it.

3. Go to my quiz practice link and do the practice quizzes for South America. We will have a quiz on the information from the map from step #1 above.

4. When you finish all of the above you can:
-Go to my "Geography Links" page and browse topics
-Go to a news site (CNN, BBC, NBC, ABC, CBS...) and see what's happening in the world
-Investigate these South American topics: Galapagos Islands, Amazon rainforest, Amazon river, Amazon tribes, Carnival,
Andes Mountains, Patagonia, Nazca lines, Rio de Janeiro, Cape Horn, Panama Canal,
South American exports, Machu Pichu, Piranha
, Angel Falls, etc...

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