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Education: B.S. in Kinesiology 1995
                 Sonoma State University

Joined Sonoma Valley High School staff 1997

Courses: Physical Education II

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Sonoma Valley High School

Department of Health & Wellness

Physical Education



Student Responsibilities


Students have a responsibility to acquire fitness, movement skills and knowledge, to attain life skills, to develop positive attitudes and to formulate personal values.  All of which provide a basis for the development of their talents and abilities to meet future challenges.




Students are expected to:

  • Dress appropriately for daily activity
  • Participate appropriately and constructively each day of class
  • Work on developing and improving fitness, skills, and knowledge
  • Cooperate with teacher, teacher assistants and peers
  • Attend "A+" when extra help is needed, or class work has been missed, to improve skills and knowledge

Complete the state mandated water safety class and fitness testing (P.E. I), and complete a first aid/CPR class (P.E. II).  Both are graduation requirements.


Discipline Plan


The following list illustrates appropriate student behavior and points deducted from the participation grade when the appropriate behaviors are not met. 

  • Students are expected to behave in a manner that demonstrates respect for others.

Lack of respect: 2-8 point deduction, and possible referral

  • Students are expected to cooperate with teachers, teacher assistants, and their peers.

Lack of cooperation: 2-8 point deduction, and possible referral

  • Students are expected to treat equipment and facilities (including the locker room and its contents) with respect.

Equipment abuse: 1-4 point deduction, and possible referral

  • Students are expected to participate daily and work to improving their skills and knowledge.

Lack of participation: 2-8 point deduction, and possible referral

  • Students are expected to remain in the Physical Education facility area the duration of the period.

Leaving class early or without permission: 10-point deduction and a reported cut to the attendance office.

  • Students are expected to dress for Physical Education, in the designated uniform.

Non-dress: 10-point deduction- (partial dress is 4 point deduction)

  • Students are expected to keep food and beverages out and away form the activity area.

Food in class: 1-5 point deduction (water bottles are encouraged, to reduce off task time).

  • Students are expected to be prepared for activity on time, including warm-up exercises, stretches and role call.  They are given six minutes to dress and report to class.

Late for role call and warm-ups: 2-point deduction


Physical Education Uniform


                The P.E. uniform was added to the program in 1994.  We have found over the course of time, a higher level of performance by all individuals.  Students are viewed as one big team and work more cooperatively with one another.  The self-esteem of students who now feel apart of the team has improved.  Names are written on the uniform with a permanent marker to assist the student and us in tracking his/her uniform when it is missing.  The acceptable attire is limited to:

  • The SVHS ash gray t-shirt and/or the ash gray sweatshirt
  • The SVHS black fleece shorts and/or the black sweat pant
  • Socks
  • Tennis shoes with laces, appropriate to the activity
  • Swim suits must be worn in swimming units

General Overview


                Each semester will have two progress reports and one final grade.  In Physical Education, the progress report timeline guide the beginning and the end of our units.  Generally we have three units per semester.  Students in Physical Education I & II, the first and second years taking the course, will be assigned to a variety of activities, including but not limited to, basketball, flag football, soccer, volleyball, tennis, bocce, over-the-line, swimming, badminton, hockey, lacrosse, softball, weight training, fitness, yoga and aerobics.  P.E. II students also have a class in first aid, and certification in CPR.  At the end of the second semester, Physical Education reserves 8-10 class periods to issue the yearly final exam in the form of the Authentic Assessment.  Students will be expected to recall skills, drills and games learned earlier in the year.  Each day of participation is its own test.




Grading will be based on the following:


  • Participation / Social responsibility/ Skill -50%.  This includes student's participation, sportsmanship, cooperation, and effort in the various activities.   Students who meet the expectations while displaying appropriate behavior, as described in the discipline plan, have the opportunity to earn full credit in their participation grade.  Due to the nature of Physical Education, being a performance-based course, it may be difficult to make up the lesson in its entirety.  Skill includes student's basic skill development and application in an activity.
  • Cardiovascular Fitness- 20%. This includes student's effort in maintaining fitness through elevating the heart rate.
  • Fitness Exercise - 20%. This includes the student's ability to give full effort in class muscular fitness and stretching.
  • Applied Knowledge-10%.  This part of the grade can include, but not be limited to, skill tests, written assignments, tests, journal, projects, presentations and/or reading.



Lockers are provided for P.E. clothes and valuables (wallets, make-up, jewelry, etc.).  All boys, will purchase a combination lock for the lockers they are issued.  It is the students' responsibility to lock their valuables, and to make sure their locker is locked.  Sharing of lockers is prohibited, and locks on unassigned lockers will be cut off.  Students need to make arrangements with the teacher in charge of the lockers to discuss concerns regarding the lockers and the locker room.

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