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The food project is a mini-project, worth about the same as a chapter test. You will be graded on the visual and spoken presentation you give about a dish from a Spanish Speaking country, excluding Mexico. You will prepare the dish to serve to the class on the day of the presentation: just enough for everyone to taste a small sample. You will not be graded on the food, although a few "homework points" could be awarded for very elaborate dishes. The project may be done with a partner, but it should be someone you can easily collaborate with on the cooking.

The first step is to choose a recipe (in Spanish) from the country Ms. Aclufi assigns you. Please MLA cite your recipe on the day it is due. Note that some sources are more authentic than others: if you are searching on the internet, I suggest you enter the name of the country and recetas (recipes). Recipes from food.com and allrecipes are likely to be Americanized versions of the originals. Feel free to choose a simple recipe such as a beverage or a salsa. A microwave will be available for heating up dishes. You will be responsible for bringing everything necessary to serve your dish. After everyone presents, we will enjoy your dishes!

See below for a vocabulary list and a rubric for the presentation.

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