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Select 6 features from the list below, and select at least 1 feature from each category, and answer the corresponding questions in complete sentences in your notebook.



What country/countries does it go through? How long is it? What body of water does it spill into? What major cities are on it?

- Seine

- Rhine

- Elbe

- Danube

- Po

- Thames

- Volga



What countries does it touch (if there are too many then identify three and say “…and many more”)? What large cities are on it? What other body of water does it connect to?

- Mediterranean

- Adriatic

- Aegean

- Black

- North

- Baltic



What countries are these mountains in? How long is the mountain range? What is the highest elevation?

- Pyrennes

- Ural

- Alps

- Apennines


Other Features

Describe the basics considering the instructions above.

- Scandinavia

- North European Plain

- Strait of Gibralter

- Mt. Blanc

- Matterhorn

- English Channel

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