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Summary: Which is right for you?

College Preparatory/Honors/AP--What's the difference?

SVHS English 1,2,3 and 4 all satisfy the CSU A-G requirements. In  grades 9-12 both College Preparatory and Honors English are available. College Prep English lives up to its name: the curriculum prepares participating students to enter college with a solid foundation in advanced reading, clear writing, and critical thinking. Honors and Advanced Placement classes also offer this foundation, but are taught at an accelerated and demanding pace, emphasizing the rhetorical skills and knowledge of classic literary works recommended by universities.
           CP/Honors: Sample Difference:                             
         English 1 CP  
        English 1H
        Homework 2-3 hours a week 
        Homework 4-6 Hours a week
        2-3 Full Essays a semester
        4-5 Essays a Semester
        300  Pages of Independent Reading every 6 weeks
       600 Pages of Independent Reading every 6 weeks
        3-4 Curricular books per semester
       4-5 Curricular Books per Semester
        No Summer Assignment
        Summer Assignment--assigned book and project due first day of

                                              Advanced Placement: 

In addition, in 11th grade Advanced Placement English Language and Composition is offered, and in 12th, Advanced Placement English Literature and Composition. An AP class is essentially a college class offered in high school: the work is rigorous and demanding, offering an exciting challenge. Those passing an end-of year examination can earn college credit for their work from participating institutions.

Which is Right for You?
We encourage you to take the most challenging English class possible for you. If you are willing to work hard and give your personal best, you will find support at every level of English coursework. Teacher recommendations and prior grades are often good predictors of success in advanced classes, but finally, success comes from the ganas, or will to succeed,  that you bring to the class.

Try this "How Will I do in Honors?" Score Sheet

/home/CA49709534937256/.blogs/post16188/Honorsrubric.pdf Honorsrubric.pdf 

/home/CA49709534937256/.blogs/post16188/Honors%20Rubric_spanish%201%2031%2011.pdf Honors Rubric_spanish 1 31 11.pdf 

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