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Posted - 11/08/2015 05:42pm
Fun with lasers!
Mr. Southam's IED students have been tinkering with the laser cutter.  Students have used it to cut out fins for rockets, making stencils, and engraving a miscellany of things.  

Posted - 11/08/2015 05:10pm
Vex Kit Transportation
Students in Mr. Jacobs's POE course have been working on doing less work.  Students created vehicles that would be propelled by a launch mechanism.  They also created catapults with the goal of hitting a target rather than launching something as far as they can. 
IMG_0002_2.jpg IMG_0006_2.jpg
IMG_0023_2.jpg IMG_0044_2.jpg   


Posted - 10/05/2015 03:40pm
Our IED students are building rockets to launch on compressed air rocket launcher made from PVC pipes and a sprinker valve.  The rockets can be launched at up to 100 P.S.I.  Students researched rocket designs and built their own from scratch.  Here are some of them in action.  
IMG_4697.jpg IMG_4699.jpg

Posted - 10/05/2015 03:30pm
CEA had some Visitors!

Our CEA class had some visitors! Ms. Crowley, the teacher of CEA, assigned her class to build house models (or facades) of various types of housing examples (modern, Victorian, colonial, etc).  The 12 models were presented to a panel of 8-9 judges who were given evaluations with a rubric to complete.  A first and second place model were chosen.  The students and Ms. Crowley did a really terrific job…here are some pics:


The last top left is of the two winning designs:  Moises Farias (International style house) and Gabe Rodriguez (Victorian style house).

IMG_4229.JPG  IMG_4237.JPG
IMG_4228.JPG  IMG_4236.JPG

Posted - 09/10/2015 02:32pm
Fun with Rockets
Mr. Jacobs and Mr. Southam were testing rockets to find suitable engines and locations for IED students to test there yet to be built rockets.  This was all done in the name of education, of course. 

Posted - 09/03/2015 04:28pm
Paper Bridges
IED students were given a challenge.  Using only an 8.5 in x 11 in sheet of paper and two 1 in x 1 in x 1 in cubes, construct a free standing bridge so that no paper touches the table.  Within those constraints, the goal was to have the greatest distance between the cubes.  Students came up with some very clever ideas.  Below are some pictures of their work.

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