SVHS School Policies
Sonoma Valley High School Policies

Our policies play a critical role in helping every student achieve the highest level of academic success and providing a safe, respectful environment for all members of the Sonoma Valley High School community.

Whether it’s ensuring compliance with federal and state attendance laws, providing a clear definition of and course of action for dealing with sexual harassment, or keeping our students and staff safe through our visitor and field trip policies, Sonoma Valley High School works hard to keep our learning environment productive and safe.

To view current policies, please click on the links below. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions or comments on school policies.

School Policies   
Summary: Dress Code
SVHS has a dress code that is based on the principle that school is a professional work environment. All student attire must be appropriate so that it does not detract from the learning process. No low cut, transparent, backless or strapless garments are allowed. Midriffs and/or exposed undergarments are not allowed. Skirts, shorts and pants must be an appropriate length and fit so as not to detract from classroom instruction or inhibit movement (fingertip length or longer). Shoes must be worn at all times. Any clothing (including hats) that promotes gangs, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, guns or violence, is sexually explicit or suggestive, uses profane or abusive language, or debases and/or exploits a group is not allowed. Pants must be fastened at the waist and may not expose undergarments. A predominance of any color may be considered  to  be  gang  affiliation (Dodger  blue  or  49er  red)  and/or  contributing to  an  unsafe  school environment.  Hats may be worn in class as permitted by the teacher. If a student violates the dress code, he/she may be asked to change clothes or may be sent home for the remainder of the day. Repeated dress code violations will result in detentions and/or further disciplinary action.

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