“Beh oui! Je parle français!”
Devin Daly   
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Devin Daly

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Just like you, however many years ago, Mr. Daly began his career in French while in high school. His teachers inspired him as well as encouraged him to go abroad!
While studying, living, and then working in France, his French became finely tuned and his appreciation for the culture was heightened. Not long afterwards, he discovered his calling – to share his passion about France with others. He entered the teaching profession in 1996.
Peter Mayle’s books such as “A year in Provence” encouraged Mr. Daly to restore his own home in France. Over 6 summers, an old farmhouse was restored to all of its original splendor.
One of his children was born in France. Both have French names – with accents!
And lastly, Mr. Daly is raising his children bilingually. Since their birth, he has only spoken to them in French.
I am very pleased to be a Dragon and look forward to working with all of you this year.

A bientôt!

Monsieur DALY

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