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Use your knowledge and notes to explain what you think the United States should do about Cuba. You will take a position to keep the embargo, end the embargo, or adjust the embargo. You can use Microsoft Word or Google Docs to create your document, although we have had some printing issues with Google Docs.
Here are some guidelines to follow:

-Put you and your partners name, date, period at the top.
-Title your paper ________ the Cuban Embargo. Center it.
-Use a standard font (times new roman, courier, ariel, etc...)
-Size 12 font
-Single spaced
-Create 3 paragraphs: History, Embargo and Solution. The history paragraph should explain our relationship with Cuba since the 1959 Cuban Revolution. The embargo paragraph should explain what an embargo is, how long it has been in place, and how it effects the Cuban people. The solution paragraph should explain your position on the embargo.
-Put the title - history, embargo and solution - above each paragraph. Use size 14 font and bold it.
-Insert one picture into your text. The picture should be no larger than 1/3 the width of the page and no taller than that same dimension.
-When you finish, have someone else proofread it.
-Print 2 copies.

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