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Summary: Class Syllabus for Senior English

Ms. Lovejoy’s Senior English:  A Touch of Insanity and a Dose of Reality

Course Description and Objectives

English IV College Prep English is a course that meets the A-G Requirements for UC and CSU.  It is intended to prepare students for college-level work.  It requires regular attendance and homework. The curriculum is designed around reading literature and non-fiction, analyzing it and writing about it.  You will be working on skills to improve reading comprehension, literary response, analysis, vocabulary development, written communication applications, writing process, listening, observing, and speaking.  You will employ active learning strategies that enhance and further lifelong learning skills.  I have high expectations and am committed to supporting each student.  I am here to help each student succeed in this class.  We have a lot of work to do this year, however, I believe in having fun while learning.  The attitude that YOU bring into this class every day will determine this.

The novels read and discussed in this class may include some from the following list:

                  The Stranger Death of a Salesman Brave New World

1984 Hamlet Slaughterhouse Five

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time The Road

*miscellaneous short stories and poetry to be read throughout the year

Course Requirements

In order to receive a grade of C or higher—which indicates attainment of grade-level standards—a student must successfully:

  • read and study for approximately 2-3 hours per week

  • take notes, including class discussion and Cornell notes

  • Participate in class journal writing and discussions

  • write responses for reading assignments

  • Complete a Senior Project Research Paper to passing standard

  • develop essays including: personal, literary analysis, reflective, persuasive, and in-class; approximately two to three formal essays per semester (formal essays include those which progress through all stages of the writing process: prewriting, drafting, responding, revising, editing, publishing)

  • pass comprehension and vocabulary quizzes

  • complete various projects, both individual and group

  • give oral presentations both alone and as a member of a collaborative group

  • complete a final portfolio comprised of student work from course.  Please keep all your work this year.

  • You are expected to keep all assignments and to double check that the grade matches the one on PowerSchool.  

  • All students must be able to access and use their school Gmail account.  Most assignments will be done through Google Classroom.  

  • All written assignments will be turned in using to check for plagiarism.  If a student is caught plagiarizing, it will be an automatic F on the assignment and school referral.  

Evaluation and Assessment

Grades will be determined on a point system.  Each assignment is worth a certain number of points:  

A=90-100%      B=80-89%            C=70-79%             D=60-69%            F=59% and below (not passing)

Make Up Work:   You are expected to check Google Classroom and then see me for make-up work as soon as you return from an absence.  Students have the number of days they were absent to complete all of the missing assignments if the absence is excused.  The student is responsible for finding out what he/she missed while absent.  Large take-home assignments are due at the beginning of the period specified as being the due date. If you are absent on a due date, you are required to turn in your assignment via email or have someone drop it off in the office for you.   Be ready to make up any tests you may have missed on the day that you return.  Original assignments/tests may be changed to deter students from cheating.

Late Work:  You are expected to complete all homework assignments by the beginning of the class period that it is due.  If an assignment is late, it may still be turned in BUT it will only receive up to half credit.  Work from each grading period is due by the end of that grading period.  

Active Learning Supplies

Students will bring the following supplies every day to class:  

  1. 3-ring binder with ample binder paper

  2. Chrome book, charged and ready to go

  3. Blue or black pens, pencils

  4. Class text

  5. ABU Book

  6. 2 Highlighters (2 different colors)

Behavioral Objectives

Daily active, engaged, and appropriate participation is expected.  Daily attendance is crucial.  It is unreasonable to expect that you can be absent and not have it affect your grade.  Treat everyone in the classroom with respect and courtesy.  Please take appropriate language factors into respect.  No personal grooming in the classroom.  Students will be given one warning when inappropriate behavior is occurring.  Students who need multiple warnings will be given a referral to the office, after school detention, and a phone call home will be made.  No cheating/plagiarism; cheating will result in a referral and a zero on that assignment.  

Cell phone policy:   Cell phones will be collected daily to avoid any temptations.  

1st time - teacher will confiscate and send to the office

Tardies will be enforced.  If you are tardy, please go get a pass from the Attendance Office.  The following is a campus-wide policy:  if you are tardy to a class, you will be given a lunch/after school detention.  Tardies can be cleared by attending Friday school.  

Cuts:  Students are NOT allowed to complete assignments or tests missed during an absence that is a cut.

Bathroom Breaks:   When you leave class, you miss important information.  Please plan to use the bathroom on your own time.  If needed, one student may use the bathroom one at a time.  Overuse and/or abuse of this privilege could cause you to lose it.

Ms. Lovejoy’s rules:

Be on time—that means in your seat when the bell rings and that you have

anticipated what it going to be our first activity, as per the agenda, and you have all of

the necessary materials out.

Be prepared—bring materials, homework (and keep all work!)

Be respectful—no interrupting, no leaving your seat during instruction or when the bell rings until Ms. Lovejoy excuses the class, respect all classroom materials

Be willing—to participate, to learn, to try

Be responsible—complete all class work/homework assignments, turn in work on time.

While I have many expectations for myself as your educator (to be clear, fair, and judicious), I also have many expectations of you.  I expect that you will come to class having done your homework assignments so that class time may be spent discussing it rather than playing catch-up.  Above all, I expect you to come to class with an open mind, as well as with the ability to respect others’ opinions.  One thing I want to make sure is that this classroom continues to be a safe haven for everyone -- name calling, or badgering of any kind, will not be tolerated.  Please continue to treat each other with kindness and RESPECT!  

Ms. Lovejoy E-mail (best way to reach me!):

Phone number:  (707) 933-4010 ext. 5233 Classroom:  H-3

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