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Conquistador Movie

Your task over the next week is to create a 3-5 minute documentary that examines and discusses the history of the Spanish Conquistadors of the late 15th and early 16th centuries. 

Your grade will be based on the how well you address the requirements listed on the right, as well as how you use your time during class. This assignment is worth 200 points.

You may use any video editing software. iMovie is available in the K-Lab and WeVideo is a free video editing program (compatible with Chromebooks) that allows up to 5 minutes free of charge.

This project is NOT intended to be homework over Thanksgiving break but it is due the Mon/Tues you return. You will need to share the link with me (Youtube, Google Drive, etc.) or bring your movie file in on a flash drive.

CONTENT REQUIREMENTS - Your movie address the following questions listed below:
  1. Briefly describe the background/motives of the Spanish conquistadors and choose ONE conquistador for your movie (Columbus, Cortés, Pizarro).
  2. What did 'your' conquistador do in the Americas? Explain why he is famous/infamous.
  3. Identify and explain which factor(s) you believe played the greatest role in enabling the Spanish conquistadors to defeat the native populations.
  4. How should history judge the Spanish Conquistadors?  Should they be remembered for their exploration, conquest, and furthering the Christian faith?  Or should they be remembered as bloody conquerors who were motivated by greed and empire? Make sure you provide a rationale for your answer. 
TECHNOLOGY  REQUIREMENTS - Your movie must include the following elements listed below:
  • An Opening/Title Slide & Credits/Works Cited Slide
  • Pictures/Images
  • Text that identifies or explains key points
  • 1 Video Clip OR Voice Narration
  • 1 Selection of Music
  • Effects / Transitions for any Images

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