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Today you will create a document that shows how the Mexico is similar and different from Brazil. We have only today to complete this activity and at the end of the period you will print the document. If you have a partner, you will each create and print your own copies. Look at the example linked at the bottom of this page and then follow the instructions below.

1. Open Microsoft Word and layout your page by creating two columns. You can do this by selecting the "Layout" tab above the document and then clicking the "Columns" button. Your document will not show a line indicating there are two columns, but once you start typing you will see how it works.

2. Type "Mexico" and then "Brazil". Hit the return button as many times you need to push the Brazil to the second column. Then type the category "Details" under both country names. As you type under the Mexico column it will push the second column down the page each time you hit return. You will just need to go to the Brazil column and delete the space above your country name to bring the country back to the top. After a few times you will see how it works.

3. While you have the "Home" tab showing your options, click the bullet point option under the "Paragraph" area. You now have a bullet point ready for you to type a detail into your document. Write a short complete sentence and when you hit return you will have another bullet point below automatically. Write five bullet points about each country.  Use your notebook notes and internet research for most of the information. Once you are done with your 5 bullet points, hit return twice and the bullet point option automatically goes away.

4. Below your bullet points, type "Similarities" only on the United States side. Now describe up to five similarities between the two countries. When you finish, then select a representative image for each country and place it below the "Details" on that side. Go to the internet, select a photo, drag it to the desktop and then drag into the document.

5. Now create a topic titled "Top Export" and select an image that shows that product to put in that space. Below the photo type what it is. Here is link that is helpful:


6. Finally, go back and put the country names in bold and size 16. Then go bold and underline the categories. Print it when you are done and write your name on the back in pencil. We will be gluing it into our notebooks next class.

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