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Sonoma Valley High School

Geography Class

Sonoma, Ca. 95476


Dear Student,


Welcome to the class! This class will cover the physical, political, and cultural world. My goal is to give you a knowledge base and global perspective that will help you when you study World History and U.S. History later in High School. Also, due to technology, the world has become a smaller place and it is important that we see beyond our immediate surroundings. Here are a few policies that will make clear what is expected of you as a student in the class.



There are many factors that will make up your grade. The grade breakdown is roughly the following:

20% Projects

30% Quizzes

50% Notebook, in-class activities, and participation


Grades will be based on a points/percentage system. Graded work will be given a point score, from which you may calculate your letter grade. I will post grades on Powerschool and it is your responsibility to monitor your grade there. Check it frequently. Attendance is key to being successful in this class. If you are absent there will be make-up work. You will need to make-up work within 2 class periods and missed quizzes will be made up the day you return. Please talk to me if you need help with any aspect of the class and ask for an A+ pass to make-up work and quizzes.



-Be ready to start the class when the bell rings

-Cooperate and participate

-Show your best effort

-Be respectful to all

-Keep your mind open and be engaged in your learning experience

-Cell phones are not allowed in class. You will be required to check it in at the beginning of the period.


I hope you are looking forward to the school year. We will learn a lot, but I know we will enjoy ourselves along the way.


Let’s have a great year!




Mr. Pieraccini

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