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All assignments are listed, with their due date, on PowerSchool and on a clipboard in my classroom. If you have any trouble finding an assignment, please find me on campus, or email me.

Course Descriptions:
Algebra is the first course in a four-year sequence of college preparatory mathematics courses. Algebra aims to deepen and extend student understanding built in previous courses by focusing on developing fluency with solving linear equations and inequalities and systems; extending these skills to solving quadratic and exponential functions; exploring functions, including sequences, graphically, numerically, symbolically and verbally; and using regression techniques to analyze the fit of models to distributions of data. 

Geometry is the second course in a four-year sequence of college preparatory mathematics courses. Geometry is geared towards enhancing and formalizing the Geometry that students have learning in previous classes. It does this by focusing on triangle congruence criteria focusing on rigid motions and formal constructions, building a formal understanding of similarity based on dilations and proportional reasoning, developing the concepts of formal proof, exploring the properties of two and three dimensional objects, working within the rectangular coordinate system to verify geometric relationships, proving basic theorems about circles, and using the language of set theory to compute and interpret probabilities for compound events.

On a daily basis, students in Algebra and Geometry use problem solving strategies, questioning, investigating, analyzing critically, gathering and constructing evidence, and communicating rigorous arguments justifying their thinking. Students learn in collaboration with others, sharing information, expertise, and ideas. The course is well balanced between procedural fluency, deep conceptual understanding, strategic competence, and adaptive reasoning.

The instructions for logging onto to PowerSchool are below:
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