Carrenne Purtell
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Modified - 05/24/2017 01:56pm AP Calculus AB
Here is the link to the AP Calculus AB summer assignment for 2017-2018. » read more...
Modified - 09/10/2014 02:54pm Algebra 2
This Algebra 2 course will provide an introduction to various topics, including investigations of functions, sequences and equivalence, exponential functions, transformations of parent graphs, solving and intersections, inverses, logarithms, 3-D graphing, trigonometric functions, polynomials, probability and counting, conic sections, series, and analytic trigonometry. This course will also focus on utilizing the graphing calculator and using multiple representations to make connections. » read more...
Modified - 09/10/2014 04:58pm Math 4
This course is the basic Pre-Calculus and Trigonometry course that will prepare students for the study in either AP Calculus or AP Statistics. Students will be transforming functions, using graphing calculators to write and execute programs, studying trig applications, finding area under the curve, working with logarithms and exponents, studying circular functions, analyzing limits, extending their knowledge on period functions, working with rates of change, investigating vectors and parametric equations, working in polar coordinates and complex numbers, learning matrix operations, and working with conic sections. » read more...
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