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Here are the topics for the notebook entry "Beyond the Valley". Each topic has a link for you to refer to or to read if you were absent.

Shark Fin Soup


Yellowstone National Park


London Underground


Florida Pythons

King Richard III Found Under a Parking Lot,Leicester,+UK&gl=us&sa=X&ei=YXESUYirLeazyAHjnoHQAg&ved=0CIoBELYD


Topic #6 You Pick

North Korea Tests a Nuclear Weapon

Catholic Pope Resigns,Vatican+City&gl=us&sa=X&ei=nrM0UcjmIuaxiwLnpICYBw&ved=0CMQBELYD


Titanic II,Southampton,+UK&gl=us&ei=VYhAUabVJsePyAG90ICgAQ&ved=0CK8BELYD

Jay-Z and Beyonce in Cuba,Havana,+Cuba&gl=us&sa=X&ei=Z3FlUZ76POf0iQKc4IEY&ved=0CLIBELYD

Kony Hunt Update

One World Trade Center


Nazi Hunters



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