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Modified - 05/23/2017 07:46am Algebra II
Summary: Description and Syllabus
     Algebra II is a standards based course using the CPM program.  The SAT's cover up to and include Algebra II concepts, as well the class is a requirement for college admission.  I would also recommend signing up for parent connect, as it allows both the student and parent access to my gradebook. It is a great way to stay current with grades as well as attendance in all classes!     Please visit, there you will find all the resource pages for the entire year along with homework answers/support!
Everything from this point forward (10-10-14)will be posted as a PDF file, as some students are having difficulties viewing and printing materials.  You can download a PDF reader from the secure ADOBE website for free, though most smart phones, tablets, or computers (laptop or desktop) have readers already installed.

Algebra II Standards

Class Information Sheet:

Algebra 2 Course Description16-17.pdf

Parent sign sheet.doc

Class Schedules:
Unit 3 Asmt Sheet 16-17.pdf  I know the units seem out of order due to curriculum changes we have just adjusted the sequencing.  This is the packet that was handed out in class, NOT unit 3 out of the yellow book!

8/16-17 Sequence Class Handouts:

Arithmeic & Geometric Sequence Practice WS.pdf  Both worksheets are in this link

Arithmetic Seq Wrksht 1 ans key.pdf Answer key for the first worksheet

Seq Wrksht 2 Ans Key.pdf  Here is the answer key to the second worksheet please check your answers and come into class prepared with questions!  

Support handouts:

Worksheet 1.doc  Unit 1 Worksheet #1
Worksheet 2.doc  Unit 1 Worksheet #2
Worksheet 3.doc  Unit 1 Worksheet #3
A2 Finals Review 1st semester 1617 pdf (1).pdf  First Semester Review Sheet

 Team Tests and Answer Keys:
SeqReg Team Test 16.pdf Clean Team Test 
SeqRegTeamTestAnsKey.pdf Team Test Answer Key
Chp 1 Team Test 16.pdf Chapter 1 Clean Team Test
Chp 1 Team Test 16 Answer Key.pdf  Chapter 1 Team Test Answer Key
Ch 4 Team Test 1617.pdf  Chapter 4 Team Test Clean Copy
Ch 4 TT Answer Key16-17.pdf  Chapter 4 Team Test Answer Key
Ch 3 TT Ans Key.pdf  Chapter 3 Team Test Answer Key
Ch 5 & 6 Team Test -1617.pdf  Chapters 5&6 Clean Team Test
Ch 5-6 TeamTest Ans Key.pdf Chapters 5&6 Team Test Answer Key
 A2 Stat TT 1617 (1).pdf  Stat Team Test Clean Copy
Stat Team Test Ans Key.pdf Stat Team Test Answer Key
A2CTTU71617 (1).pdf  Chapter 7 Team Test Clean Copy
CH7 TeamTest17.pdf Chapter 7 TT Answer Key 
Ch9TT17.pdf Ch 9 Team Test Answer Key 

Answer Keys to classwork/homework:

Please go to Academics and then the answers page and put in your username and password.
STAT KEY.pdf  

Fall Semester Reviews: Fall final review available at the end of the fall semester.

Spring Semester Reviews: Spring final review available at the end of the spring semester.

A2 spring final review 17.pdf

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