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I am thrilled to be a part of the Sonoma Valley High family.  When I moved here several years ago for work, I never knew how much I'd fall in love with this little community.  


I thoroughly enjoy teaching math and working with high school-aged kids.  I strive to foster an environment in my classroom where everyone feels valued and welcome, and where help and support is always, always available.  Given changes in society, technology, and teen life, it is arguably a challenge to keep kids motivated and engaged; I love how this keeps us striving to produce more interesting and meaningful instruction. The technological tools used in my classroom help bring new life into math instruction and provide a more interactive and stimulating environment for students. It is my hope that all students, regardless of skill or ability, enjoy my class and experience the thrill of success at some level.  Math does not have to be difficult!  We just have to ask questions, get involved in our learning, and NOT be afraid of NOT always having all the answers.  We often learn the most from our mistakes, not our successes. 

 I have been teaching high school math for fifteen years now, and have worked in various parts of the state.  I've called Sonoma County home for ten years, and cannot imagine living anywhere else.  I am blessed to be the mom of a lively, spirited second-grader. We share our home with cat Dave (named after my favorite musician, Dave Matthews.)  In my time away from work, I enjoy gardening, listening to music, baking, sewing, and finding fun & interesting things to do with my son. 


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